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Frequently Asked Questions.

I am sensitive to some metals.  What types of wire/chain do you use in your pieces?

Thank you for asking.  I too have problems with various metals.  First of all, I get my supplies from reputable businesses.  There is NO NICKEL or LEAD in my pieces.  I use Sterling Silver, Copper, and Bronze for all wire wrapping.  The chains I use are either Sterling Silver, or Silver plated Copper. Ear wires are Sterling Silver or silver plated copper,  Materials used are generally marked on the individual pieces.  If I cannot confirm my materials fall within these parameters, I do not use it for anything that touches the skin. I do use less quality wires for my décor items to help keep down the prices, but still try to make sure they are at least a copper coated base to still eliminate nickel and lead.

I see a pair of earrings that I like, but I prefer the other type of ear wire.  Can this be changed?

Yes!  Generally I use the ear wires closest to me when I'm making a piece.  (I know, so scientific right?)  I would be happy to change them out at your request between the standard kidney shaped closed wires and the hook wires. They may vary slightly from any pictures  simply because when I order new inventory, I received slight variances as well.  If there is a noteable difference, the I will send you a picture for your approval.

I seen a necklace that I LOVE, but wish it was a little bit longer.  Can length be added?

If the necklace is made onto a hand assembled chain, yes, unless I am out of and unable to obtain additional chain that is the same. If it is a solid strung, graduated, type piece, it will depend on the actual piece.  I will have to look at it and determine if adding chain for length will work, piece by piece. If it is on a premade chain, then usually no.  That allows the purchaser to upgrade to a chain of their choice on their own. Usually the finer/smaller chains with the little circular spring clasp are the ones that are pre-made.  I mostly use lobster claw clasps as these tend to be a little easier for people to maneuver.  

I LOVE some of the stones that you have used in a piece, but I have a little different idea of how I would like them combined and used.  Do you customize anything?

Yes and no.  If I have the stones you are interested in, surely I can put together something that may pleasing to you.  However, there are times that once I have used up a particular cut, color, or size of a stone, I am unable to obtain more like it.  I get my stones from an absolutely solid source that's reputable, I have seen inventory in person from, and I trust completely for their inventory to be exactly as presented. Especially the turquoise and amber!  I do not order from other sources to maintain that quality.  I also place my orders with as much of a bulk discount as I can, so I can pass that savings on to you.

You can also inquire about a particular stone that you may not see in my current inventory list. (I have lots) If I have it, or can get it, I will let you know, with an estimate of what the piece will cost.  HOWEVER, I do not make custom pieces "with a certain date required".  This is a hobby for me outside of my regular full time job and life.  Accepting custom orders with time restraints would be overly stressful for me AND you. If you give me an idea, I will certainly try my best to make it on a timely basis, but simply cannot guarantee a date of completion.  Also, if I do make a piece that you have inquired about, but you decide you do not like pictures of the finished product, you are not required to purchase it.  It will simply go into the rest of my inventory, no harm, no foul. 

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